The Birthday of an 86-Year-Old Economist

You may have noticed that the blog name has changed, reflecting yet another year gone by. I want to offer three gifts to Anna — my birthday buddy, and to everyone and to the Universe on my 86th Birthday.
1st My true Love to all.
2nd A suggestion — at 86 I don’t give advice. It is, “The only standards you have are the ones you set for yourself; and don’t be afraid to make a mistake, you can learn from it.”
3rd Is a story.
       This past week at 85 going on 86 I learned something. My driver’s license was about to expire on my 86th birthday. It had to be renewed. My eyesight is not as good as it has been and I was afraid I would not pass. The fear kicked in and along with it came delays, procrastination, excuses, etc. What should I do? What will happen if I don’t pass? Now I’ll teach you a Yiddish term, one of the few I know. It is to “Dreh” something. (I’m not sure of the spelling, but you pronounce it like “lay” with the accent on the D.) It means to over obsess about something, anything.
       It is a waste of time. Deal with the situation. Except the reality for whatever it is and adjust to whatever limitations it imposes — if, in fact, those limits actually occur. That is not to say, that there are those times when some preplanning and preparation will help. But the time spent on over-worrying about it and the energy wasted on the anxiety can be better spent on something, anything else. Like just cooling out. See, in the end, I am an economist.
Think about it. The best, truest and long-lasting gifts are the nonmaterial, non-monetary ones that come from the heart.
P.S.: Thank you, Erin, for acknowledging the transition by changing the Blog heading.

2 thoughts on “The Birthday of an 86-Year-Old Economist

  1. Great, Bernie! Your thoughtful words resonate in the Lineback family.

    We enjoyed being with you enormously. Thanks for carving out time for us. and special thanks for introducing us to Larry Favorite. What an amazing talent!

    See you again soon,


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  2. I love the distinction you make between giving advice and suggestions. I’d not thought of it before but it is true – other people’s opinions carry more influence when someone is left to their own devices. Hope you had a terrific birthday and good luck on the eye test! I just got one too.

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