In all the years I’ve been on the planet — this time — I’ve had some experiences and learned some lessons that I want to share and today’s technology allows me to do just that. My adult professional life has been as an economist — a teacher, researcher, and BK_headshotconsultant. My specialty is imperfect markets — markets where manipulation benefits some at the expense of others.

I view life from a certain perspective, some would say bias. It’s a fact that we are all part of a complex, interrelated system we call the planet Earth. The primary economic issue is finding the best way to satisfy human wants given that resources are limited and that this must be done within the broader physical, cultural and spiritual environment in which we live. For more information about this, please check out one of my many other projects: Drawing from the Well: Making Space for Yourself.

Many of the day-to-day economic transactions are made in equally beneficial exchanges in markets. But we are seeing more and more examples of manipulations and their consequences. For more about corporate attempts to influence the government, see “The Economics of Government.” Taking appropriate retaliatory action can provide more of the desired goods and services for everyone.

In my many years of experience — 60 of which have been as an economist — I have seen many changes.  Some of the significant ones are detailed in “Four Generations of Changes.” What I want to do is to help others develop a clear understanding of the nature of the system, how it works, and the consequences and repercussions of any actions that are taken.

If what I have to share resonates with you and you can take advantage of it, that’s great. Perhaps you’ll find my thoughts on economics and other things interesting. All the better if they provoke a discussion. Clearly, it’s up to you to decide what is useful to you. Remember, however, they are just suggestions, not advice. I don’t give advice. Moreover, if you adopt the ideas, the outcomes are your responsibility, not mine — that is, both the good ones, and the not so good ones.

While this site could be called Bernie’s Blog, it is important to understand and for me to acknowledge that it would not and could not exist without the encouragement, assistance and great, quiet “insistence” — aka kick-ass — of Erin Coyle. Thank you, Erin. If you find it enjoyable or helpful, you should thank her as well.