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Drawing From the Well: Making Space for Yourself

Bernard A. Kemp and Erin Coyle

Making Space for Yourself, the first of our Drawing From the Well
series, is intended to encourage you to find your own unique way
of contributing to the world. When you read this book, we hope
that you gain a greater sense of peace and contentment, reignite
your enthusiasm for life, connect with your community, deepen
your personal meditation practice, enrich your conversations and
relationships, and find joy in discovering your unique gifts. You
can get your hands on this little book of magic and then share it
with someone in your community. Our message is meant
to be shared: spread it around!

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Making the Poor Richer: The Causes, Consequences and Potential Remedies for the Greater Inequality in the Income Distribution

Bernard A. Kemp, PhD


From the end of World War II until 1973 the improvements in national income were shared across socioeconomic classes. From then until now the rich have gotten the greater share of the additional income. While the income of the rich has increased significantly, the income of those at the middle and lower economic levels remained about the same or even declined. The end result is that today, a smaller and smaller portion of the population — the rich — have a greater share of the national income and wealth. This book examines the causes and consequences of that inequality and comes up with recommendations for improving the well-being of those currently at middle and lower income levels.

The suggested remedies for Making the Poor Richer primarily focus on two approaches. The first is to curb how corporations use their excess profits to enhance their control over markets and to promote their corporate and personal agendas. The second approach is to encourage those at the upper end of the income distribution to recognize that despite the benefits of technological advances, the wealthy did not relieve the harm caused by failing to share those economic benefits; and then to encourage those at the upper end to readjust their focus and use some part of their time, energy, resources and funds to help those who were harmed by the egocentricity and greed of the rich. While each innovation opens up new opportunities, it also displaces those who earned their income in the old ways of doing things. Implementing the recommendations will lead to greater equality, making it possible for those at the lower end to make a greater contribution to future growth in income and improve the well-being of all.

An Economist’s Take on Pricing Art and Craft: A Pricing Manual

Bernard A. Kemp, PhD

Artists and craftspersons are often faced with the problem of deciding how to price their work. Much of the time they lack the knowledge and experience of how to go about it. The problem is complex and can be stressful. It is compounded by the fact that their decisions can have an important effect on the outcomes. The purpose of this manual is to help you through the process by providing a better understanding of the issues involved and suggesting ways of getting through them.

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