The Role of the NRA in Protecting Gun Owners Rights

For those of us who are old enough to remember and for those who have read the history, in the height of the Depression in the 1930s NRA stood for National Recovery Act — not National Rifle Association.

Today’s NRA nominally promotes the rights under the Second Amendment of the Constitution of those who choose to hold guns for self protection. In fact, it is a highly sophisticated lobbying organization of gun manufacturers, importers and dealers who masquerade under the guise of that right.

Today’s NRA has become a very powerful and effective lobbying organization that promotes the corporate interests of manufacturers, importers and dealers of weapons, paraphernalia and bullets. They have been very effective at the federal, state and local levels influencing the legislative and judicial system in introducing private interests laws that do not protect the public interest. In doing so they pervert the legitimate right of gun owners.

By adhering to the principles stated in the cover letter and the recommended proposal, the NRA would establish that it is not a trade association of manufacturers, importers and dealers designed to promote their corporate interests and increase their control over the market and profits. Nor is it a lobbying organization set up to influence legislators and use the public sector to enact laws and regulations designed to promote their corporate and business interests. It becomes an organization designed to promote the legitimate rights and responsibilities of gun owners.

In recognition of the right to bear arms and promoting openness and transparency, the National Rifle Association (NRA) should open its books and provide a list of all gun owning members. That will ensure that all legally held firearms are identified and given a serial number and information about them is entered in the database.

Furthermore, an attempt should be made to repeal those laws that make it difficult to identify those who harmed others, those who were harmed and the extent and amount of their injury so that those harmed can be compensated.


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